The Demand for Urgency

The Demand for Urgency

The recurring theme throughout Walter Isaacson's biography "Elon Musk" is Musk's need, his demand, for urgency from both himself and his employees.

"A maniacal sense of urgency is our operating principal" Musk would declare to SpaceX engineers.

For his businesses, this applied pressure brought the results he wanted - that he expected - and at times the companies desperately needed to stay alive.

It brought the first Tesla Roadster into production.

Launched the SpaceX rocket into orbit on its fourth attempt.

Completed the purchase of Twitter (now 𝕏).

All of those projects got over line, despite great financial and time pressures, because of Elon's constant push for more from himself and his colleagues.

Now, we may not be running multi-million dollar tech companies, but this absolutely applies to our individual lives.

As Marcus Aurelius states in his Meditations:

"So we must have a sense of urgency, not only for the ever closer approach of death, but also because our comprehension of the world and our ability to pay proper attention will fade before we do."

Time is of the essence. We cannot sit around delaying, waiting for our aspirations to materialise.

That new business idea you have.

The weight you want to lose.

A book you want to write.

The instrument you want to play.

The new career you want to pursue.

Whatever it may be, you have to make a move on it now. We must pursue our goals - your life depends on it. 

Urgency is on you.

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